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Effective Signal Jamming for Mobile Devices

The world has seen an increased in the number of people using mobile phones in recent times. Researchers posit that fifty percent of the world’s population has access to mobile phones. They are effective in enhancing communication between people. Businesses for instance benefit greatly by using mobile phones. It is however possible for people to cause others inconveniences using mobile phones. This is done when some people use phones where they should not. In such cases, there is need to have a control mechanism.

The use of signal jammers is the best option for limiting the use of mobile phones in specific areas. In public places such as restaurants, concerts, funerals and churches, there are those who will fail to follow basic rules regarding the use of mobile phones. They use signal jammers to achieve limited use of mobile phones. The jammers interfere with signals from telecommunication companies. This way, the people in such places end up not using their phones.

Phones can be used to detonate bombs by terrorists. This is dangerous hence the need to stop such in public places. It can be stopped by ensuring some congested areas have mobile phone signal jammers. Lack of mobile phone network will ensure that the detonation is not done. Cellphone signal blockers have existed for a long time. The blockers are different as used by different companies. You can get a blocker from many companies who can sell them.

How is signal blocking done? First of all, it is important to note that telecommunications companies usually have boosters or network masts located at different posts. Such boosters usually send signals to different devices that are within their range. The working of mobile phones is pegged on such signals. By ensuring that such communication between your phone and the telecommunications companies is interfered with, it is possible to jam the signal hence ensuring that you do not access mobile phone network.

Telecommunication companies use radio signals which are easy to interrupt. This can be done by using scrambler devices. In most cases, the scrambler device is able to override the radio signal from the telecommunications company. The jamming is however for a particular distance range. It is impossible to jam phones that are outside the range of the scrambler device.

The ideal range for most scrambler devices is usually sixty feet. This is okay because in most cases, the areas where mobile phone signal is to be jammed usually occupy diameters of approximately sixty feet and below. A good example is the area occupied by social amenities such as churches and restauratns. This means that the jamming of the signal will be effective for such places. Law enforcement agencies however do have more powerful devices that can cover a wider range. An ordinary citizen cannot access such devices. This is a security measure due to the fact that it is possible for criminals to take advantage of such devices to commit crimes.

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